Maan Khalil: Strong Focus on Local Development

25 février, 2019
One cannot mention the city of Ghobeiry without mentioning the name of its Mayor, Mr. Maan Khalil. A man known for his passion, seriousness and dynamism, Khalil has made notable achievements within Ghobeiry during his first mandate as mayor thus far.

With a focus on local development in its various levels, the municipality’s numerous departments tackle different issues for the betterment of the city and its citizens. With an impressive primary health care center that provides health-related services to more than 1,200 patients per month, along with days titled “Free Health Day” that encompass pro-bono checkups and medications dispensed to patients, Khalil puts a lot of focus and energy into the livelihood and well-being of the citizens.

Active Role of Municipality Departments

Campaigns on several health-related topics, most recently being a campaign to prevent the sale of tobacco products to minors witnessed a physical movement of volunteers touring shops, cafes, and restaurants to explain the law and spread awareness to owners and patrons to protect children under the age of 18.

On other local fronts, the Department of Public Works at the municipality is one of the most active I have seen so far, whereby most of its activities incorporate extending sanitary drainages and clearing roads and sewers after heavy rainfalls. Moreover, the installation of road signs and traffic lights within the city is a continuous work in progress, with recent establishment of printed guidelines to facilitate visitors’ access to various landmarks around the city, be it religious, medical, cultural, or social.

Heavy involvement in culture and social aspects are evident in the training workshops that are organized year round, to teach participants various trades and skills related to doll making, artisanal work, handmade embroidery, English language, and various software classes.

Last but not least, the colorful persona of the city is to be highly admired. The Department of Environment and Agriculture within the municipality is in constant motion to plant trees and flowers along the partitions of the highways and in roundabouts to keep the feel of spring evident year round. With so much diverse activity on the local front, the municipality is also heavily involved on an international front, with numerous cooperation protocols with foreign organizations for the benefit of the city of Ghobeiry, projects that I will further elaborate on in the near future.

To stay up to date with the municipality’s active contribution in society, I invite you to visit their Facebook page that is constantly updated on a daily basis, and leaves you excited to learn more about its projects.
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