Municipality of Mtayleb: New Mandate with New Beginnings

28 janvier, 2019
A newly established municipality, with a fresh outlook and a vibrant mayor, the Municipality of Mtayleb, led by Mayor Paul Chedid, is a municipality to be admired and commended on its achievements.

Since the formation of this municipality, the city of Mtayleb has witnessed major transformations and is a continuous work in progress in terms of rehabilitation of its roads, sewage network, infrastructure, and street lighting, due to the constant hard work of Chedid and the active municipal council.

Starting from the municipality’s motto, “Together We Can”, the municipality’s mission and vision are evident in its logo, represented by the color blue, which signifies infinite results; green, which represents confidence; and black, resistance. The shape of the logo itself conveys the notion of human enterprise and unity towards a common goal. A structured embodiment of organized ideas and concrete actions, as is manifested in the municipality’s daily work.

A Self-Sufficient Town

With a focus on the successful implementation of municipal projects of a high caliber, Chedid is a champion for the establishment of a Ministry of Planning to assist municipalities in developmental and rehabilitative projects. His plan for Mtayleb is not only limited to asphalt work, but it also delves deeper and wider into infrastructure, pavements, and electrical lighting of international standards and specifications.

Chedid stresses the importance of achieving growth through various projects in many fields, without depending on any political or material support. The citizens of the region and the municipality have borne the cost of the work that has been completed over the years.

Progressive Change

An avant-gardist in his work, Mtayleb was the first municipality to launch a new address search system, which allows the establishment of a geographical link between the numbering of its streets and buildings and the geographic information system. Using the QR code, inhabitants of Mtayleb can now share their address through the Google Maps application. This initiative has not only set the municipality on the map literally, but it has also set it on the map for innovation.

Chedid’s role is not only development and reconstruction; as a health advocate, he values the role of the municipality in educating and caring for the well-being of its citizens within the community. As such, the municipality carried out a "Healthy Heart Campaign" that included a lecture on diabetes, heart muscle deficiency, and cardiac arrest.

On a social, cultural, and athletic level, the municipality plays an active part in establishing educational and recreational activities for children. Christmas and Easter events are well-planned and significant importance is given to make the occasions memorable. Chedid himself also takes a special interest in athletics, whereby the municipality’s basketball team has achieved high rankings in local basketball championships.
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