Zahle, the Bride of the Bekaa

06 juin, 2019
The Bride of the Bekaa, Zahle, renowned for its widespread plains and vineyards, is a city bustling with tourists in the summer, who frequent it to visit its notable wineries and enjoy traditional Lebanese cuisine in the various restaurants along the Berdawni River. Therefore, it came as no surprise that Zahle was awarded the label of City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in 2013.

Besides its passion for food, wine, and the traditional Lebanese arak, Zahle is also known for its various cultural activities that are promoted by its active municipal council. The Flower Carnival is a yearly anticipated event, and so is the Arak Festival, which takes place annually under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Lebanon.

Zogheib: Commitment and Perseverance

With its dynamic mayor, #AsaadZogheib, Zahle has emerged at the forefront of Lebanese cities in its continued pursuit for heightened improvement. Armed with a set vision, a clearly outlined program, and a well-studied plan, the next three years showcase the various development projects that Zahle has begun studying and implementing, such as public transportation, sustainable parking, solar electricity grids, and many other green projects.

In a recent interview, Zogheib discussed how Zahle is heading towards administrative decentralization in order to progress and develop. His aim is for the city to finance its projects independently without bureaucratic red tape to slow it down. These developmental projects are crucial for easing the lives of Zahle’s inhabitants who reside in it year-round, and rarely leave it during the harsh cold winters. With a population of nearly 180,000, undertaking such projects will keep the populated city more organized and easily accessible, especially with the influx of tourists in the summertime.

A strong backing by his municipal council and a firm resolution are two things that Zogheib is blessed with. Going forward, we will keep hearing of the progress that Zahle will achieve for years to come, to be enjoyed by future generations.
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